Cris Pintea

Software Developer - Generalist Problem Solver

I am a developer currently based in Turin, Italy. I call myself a problem solver because I do not adhere strictly to one language, or field, but rather I am flexible and can work on about anything. I enjoy learning and that is one of the main motivations behind my generalist approach.


- I am one of the developers behind Volumio
- I am a Game Developer at Blisscomedia
- I work as a freelance full-stack developer, game developer, IOT developer and more


- Android and IOS development
- Full-stack Web development
- Database development

Cris Pintea

Life Skills

- I am a natural problem solver, I won't hesitate to take initiative when appropriate
- I love teamwork and can efficiently coordinate a team of workers
- I enjoy learning and will learn anything that's needed to complete a task


- English natively
- Italian natively
- French, Russian and Romanian enough to understand and be understood


- Reach perfection through iteration and optimization
- Be useful, to family and friends, to colleagues, to humanity
- Have fun and learn on the way

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