Week 2 (Coding) – Building Uptimeline in Public

Cris Pintea

Cris Pintea

Watch the video version: https://youtu.be/24St0MjnqlY

This week started very promising, then died midway. Well nevertheless, I managed to do a fair bit of work! 24 productive hours.

I started my Open Water SCUBA diving certification, because the first week of July I’m flying to the Balearic Islands to dive with some friends! So diving left me with little energies left for work and as if that wasn’t enough I later started feeling a little bad, it turns out that I was incubating a cold :/ So the whole weekend I was at home not feeling very well. Luckily today (Sunday) I could be a little productive and close the week.

My biggest struggle this week was prioritisation. I’m not sure if I should prioritise features that would make more people sign up from the landing page, or prioritise features that would make the people who currently sign up convert to paid. I think normally you should prefer the second, but I’m really afraid that a majority of the people who currently sign up would be unable to pay, because they’re either students or just people who don’t really have complex website monitoring needs. I need a way to prove this theory though before I can act on it.

Things done

  • monitors list empty state. OK this was more me having some fun than anything else. The image was generated by Midjourney.
  • Well to be fair the important part was actually this one, which is better than the empty list with search bar and pagination buttons that showed up before, which was confusing.
  • Implemented Google Auth. But this is not online yet because it’s still awaiting for approval from Google.
  • Implemented Zapier Integration but this one will also need some more tweaks and approval form Zapier before it can be released.
  • Fixed SMS notifications. Now they’re using Twilio which is a more reliable provider than the one I was using before. Also now SMSs use the same new unified flow that’s used by slack and all the new integrations.
  • redid the integrations section of the landing page cause I thought it looked very ugly.
  • added a new “all features” page that allows me to track which feature sections people look at before signing up / before leaving the site forever. (In other words which feature section was the maker or breaker)

By tracking opening of the various sections I can know how often each was opened and which was the last one that was looked at before signing up or before leaving.

  • Migrated DB to be in the same region as the Lambdas (It wasn’t 🤦‍♂️)
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Had some thinking sessions about priority of next features to develop and trying to understand what my users are missing and why they’re not signing up / converting to paid.

Here’s a photo from last Sunday.

As always I was hoping to achieve more during this coding week, but various things were left open like the Google Sign In and the Zapier integration. Hopefully I can close those in the next coding week.

Right now I’m pretty excited to go back to marketing. I have some brand new ideas!

In the meantime if you liked the reading and wanna be alerted when I post again or you wanna talk to me you can do so here:
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And check out uptimeline!!

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