Analysing Uptimeline’s new landing page

Cris Pintea

Cris Pintea

I’m going to analyse the new landing page that I released on the 17th of November.

As part of the analysis I will look at the following:

  • hotjar recordings
  • Leads acquired
  • New trials started
  • Stripe Dashboard

Hotjar findings

  • When the user selects more than 1 website they expect to be able to insert more than one website field in the following step. Instead they only see 1.
  • The flow doesn’t look ok on mobile
  • All steps are optional right now, should we make some of them required?
  • There is no progress indicator in between steps. On slow connections it looks like nothing’s happening
  • There is no recap of the chosen plan and no warning of the upcoming payment page
  • EDIT: also there is no indication of how many steps there are in total!

Looking at the acquired leads

221 Google Ads clicks

51 leads since new flow released

31 have email address

18 have a url

17 have both, of which:

  • 6 are replit/glitch links, these are not potential clients
  • 5 are invalid websites (, or gibberish)
  • 6 are good leads: professional website, are clearly business clients,
    • of these, 1 successfully started the free trial

TODO: I should enable the email campaign on this landing page (monitor the website they inserted for a week and send them alerts, and a report at the end of the week).

Checking the free trials started

We have phone numbers on stripe!!! I could try to make a phone call or two!

I don’t see anything very interesting. Clearly the cancel rate of the free trial is very high, but that’s no surprise. It’s not time to optimise that yet.

Stripe Dashboard

New trials by week, last 3 months

New trials has gone up a lot in the last 2 weeks and I’m not sure what caused it. I think only 1 of those new free trials came from the new landing page, so that’s not it. The only thing I can think of is that I’ve increased the target CPA, again… And again it seems to have done something. Well, I still have no way of confirming that hypothesis, so I’ve just doubled the target CPA again.

I’ve also done some work with the Google Ads conversions in the last couple weeks, that might also have helped. Too bad it’s now broken again. I should fix that as well. TODO: fix Google Ads conversions.


That’s it, it’s time to execute again! I want to let some more time pass and see if this increase in free trials is just a statistical fluke, which is likely.

Regardless, I’ve identified many actions that should keep me pushing in the right direction, I’ll get at implementing all those in the meantime.

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