Iterating on Uptimeline’s new landing page

Cris Pintea

Cris Pintea

Yesterday I wrote the analysis of the new landing page for Uptimeline, today I’m executing those ideas.

This morning I had to spend a bunch of time fixing issues with the monitoring system, which had gotten stuck again. I can’t figure out what’s causing it, but this morning I’ve implemented an experiment that will give me some more clues, and also I’ve implemented an automatic restart system which will automatically reboot the servers when they get stuck, which should at least solve the issue temporarily.

Free trial recap page

I’ve looked at the things that I’ve noticed yesterday, and thought that the one which might have the most impact right now is the recap page, which prepares the signing up user for the fact that they’re about to be prompted for a payment method. I’ve implemented it like this:

More website address fields

To save up time and for simplicity I’ve decided to just add a “You can add more later” label under the single url field.

Email campaign

I’ve made a little change that allows the demo email campaign to also run on leads acquired through the new landing page. These are the emails involved:

  • when you sign up you get the welcome email as in the attached screenshot
  • when the website goes down / up you get an alert
  • after 7 days you get a report email with average uptime and some other stats.

The welcome email isn’t perfect for this flow, but it’ll do something, and maybe later on I’ll make some custom emails for this flow.

Also I should extend this email funnel so that it lasts more than 7 days from signup. It should last 3 months at least. TODO

What’s left to do

Here’s what’s left from yesterday’s analysis:

  • All steps are optional right now, should we make some of them required?
  • There is no progress indicator in between steps. On slow connections it looks like nothing’s happening
  • EDIT: also there is no indication of how many steps there are in total!
  • fix Google Ads convertions

I will look into these and do another analysis in the next days, hopefully.

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