How to Build a SaaS Quickly

Cris Pintea

Cris Pintea

You’re an entrepreneur. You have a great SaaS idea and you’re ready to get started. This article is for you. Here’s why you need to build you SaaS quickly.

Tech is not a major problem

Unless you are doing some innovative AI or launching rockets, tech is not the hard part of making your SaaS. The hard thing about making a successful SaaS is marketing, getting your SaaS in front of the right people who will buy it.

Because tech is not a major problem, you want to get it done with the least spend and amount of effort possible, so you can move on to more important stuff.

This article is about how to build a SaaS quickly and for cheap.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Most parts of your SaaS will have been developed hundreds of times before. Chances are many of these implementations are on GitHub, so go get them and use them.

Most importantly, use a SaaS boilerplate to start, it will save you about a hundred hours. Here’s a couple you can check out that offer pretty complete solutions:

For design and landing pages, grab a premium template. It’ll look premium, and it will cost you a lot less than developing one yourself. Here are a few resources worth checking out:

Bulkit looking great
  • Notus NextJS is free
  • Bulkit is such an extra complete set of templates for pretty cheap, really worth it
  • Or go to webflow and find your favorite

Don’t roll your own, it’ll take you much more.

Finally, for the core logic of your SaaS, start by searching GitHub for existing implementations for what you’re trying to do. You may be surprised.

If you really need to develop something, consider hiring an Indian freelancer, even if you’re a developer yourself. The Indian developer will cost you between 10 and 15 USD an hour, which might be much less than if you were to do it yourself (if you live in the US or EU that is). UpWork.

Don’t get stuck on minutiae

Don’t get stuck on minutiae, you must launch quickly. In my opinion, a good timing from zero to launch is 1 to 4 weeks. If you’re not embarrassed about your product when you launch, you’ve launched too late.

Here are a few extra tips for launching a SaaS:

  • use a live chat ->
  • have error monitoring set up from the beginning -> sentry
  • have google tag manager, google analytics and Facebook pixel

Let me know what you’re launching, I’d like to help where I can!

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