Transparency as a life philosophy, my life goals right now

Cris Pintea

Cris Pintea

Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with being more sincere and more transparent. I’ve been loving it so far, some pretty crazy things have happened because I was more sincere and more transparent than ever in my offline life.

So naturally now I’ve been thinking of applying the same philosophy to my online life. I’d like to start writing more on this blog, but not with carefully crafted articles with an SEO strategy behind them, rather with my plain thoughts, as I’m having them, uncensored.

Blog my mind

This idea was born out of a “stuck” moment on Uptimeline. Yesterday I didn’t know how to move forward with it, and so my mind started wandering, and I thought of this. It’s initial objective, in my mind was to keep me accountable. If I publicly write about what I’m working on I’ll be more incentivised to make it work out. Now that I’ve thought about it for a bit, it’s become more complex than that. I think this is a genuinely good idea for various reasons.

This article is therefore a bit of a brainstorm for how I want to do this.

I’m listening to this song right now:

There are no headings in this article, that might be an issue for readability and SEO, but when I think I don’t think with headings. Maybe I can go back and add them later. EDIT: doing that!

These articles won’t be very well written for sure, that’s not the point. I’m not a writer.

My life goals (right now)

Just before starting to write this article I had a small brainstorming session on my goals. Every now and then I do this, whenever it feels like it’s not clear where I’m going, and definitely in the last few weeks it hasn’t been super clear.

I thought about sharing those goals publicly on this article, they are already written down, I didn’t know I’d be sharing them until just now, and there’s no changing them, they’ll be here unaltered. These are not the goals I wish I had, these are the goals I think I have, as an animal. These are the things that my gut told me to write, not what my rationality would have wanted me to write. At least, that’s what I tried to achieve.

On a second thought, publishing my goals is cool also because this way next time I do this (and I tend to do this about 1 to 2 times a year) I can compare and see how much they’ve changed. In fact I could probably go looking for the notes from last time I did it and compare already.

Regardless, here are the goals I wrote down less than an hour ago:

Life objectives:
- be happy
- be surrounded by people I love and who care about me
- my loved ones be happy
- have happy kids
- own my time
- make the most of my life

Long term objectives (10 years):
- find the right partner
- own my time
- travel the world
- be a better person, partner, friend, professional

Medium term objectives (1 year):
- increase passive income
- be a better person, partner, friend, professional

Short term objectives (1 month):
- increase passive income
    - get closer, learn something

Besides figuring out my goals, this morning’s brainstorming also wanted to answer another question: “Where should I go?” (geographically). This is what I replied to that question, after writing down my goals:

That question feels quite irrelevant right now honestly. I feel like I want to work way more than I want to travel right now.

I feel a lot more clarity after this, I wonder if it really helped or if it’s just self-persuasion 😅

Comparing to my objectives in the past

I’ve been looking for over half an hour into my old brainstorms and notes and I think it’ll be a bit of a mess to try and compare objectives here, so I won’t do it. Maybe I’ll write another article another time where I go more in depth into what my objectives were time ago and how they’ve changed. In short, they haven’t changed much, but money is playing a smaller and smaller role in them it seems. Which makes sense, the more you make the less you start caring about money. Since my revenue has increased a lot in the last year, it only makes sense that I would now care less about money in the long term.

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