Artificial Intelligence for everyday lifeOn the 14th of March, 2017 by Cristian Pintea

I have to prepare a project for next year, and after some brainstorming I had an idea, which, after months of thinking and overthinking about, came to shape in my head and keeps making me think it could be great!

Imagine that everyday, before bed, you called your best friend and, over a long hour, you would tell them how your day went. You'd tell them what happened to you, and what you thought, how you reacted to various stimuli and so on. After a while, say a year, they'd have a really good model of your days, your typical thought process, and your usual reactions; so much so in fact that they'd probably be able to tell you how your day ended before you even finished telling them how it started!

Ok, maybe we don't all have enough time or friends to do that, but a neural network? A neural network would give you all of its time, for free!! It would learn about you, much like your friend would! Imagine now that your neural network doesn't only listen to you, but also to hundreds of people! It would soon have a very reliable model of how a human works, and would be able to tell you, with good accuracy what is going to happen to you, based on what already has!

Enough for the abstraction, here is what my project really will do:

I'm sure this will eventually become widely used because it's easy to see how useful a tool it would be. Surely it will be used in the medical field to help with diagnoses, as it already partially is.

Sorry for being so abstract and not technical at all, but I'm sure about how to implement it yet. Over the course of the next months I will research this idea a little bit more, and eventually try developing it.

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Thank you for coming over! Until the next post, Cris over and out.

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