Artificial Intelligence for everyday lifeOn the 14th of March, 2017 by Cristian Pintea

I have to prepare a project for next year, and after some brainstorming I had an idea, which, after months of thinking and overthinking about, came to shape in my head and keeps making me think it could be great!

Imagine that everyday, before bed, you called your best friend and, over a long hour, you would tell them how your day went. You'd tell them what happened to you, and what you thought, how you reacted to various stimuli and so on. After a while, say a year, they'd have a really good model of your days, your typical thought process, and your usual reactions; so much so in fact that they'd probably be able to tell you how your day ended before you even finished telling them how it started! Read More

How I built my websiteOn the 6th of March, 2017 by Cristian Pintea

I've had the domain for over a year now, and I've never done anything with it. A few days ago I had the realization, "I should make a blog!", so it all started. After a long day of research on what the best CMS was to make a personal website... From WP to Jekyll, Hakyll, Mecha... The sun was setting and I still hadn't made my mind up, so I made my own thing, and it came exactly as I wanted it! I'll be sharing thoughts, ideas and projects on here so you should stay tuned! Mailing list is also coming soon!!!

Until the next post, Cris over and out. Read More

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Cristian Pintea

My name is Cristian Pintea, I am a software engineer. I live and study in Turin, Italy. I freelance for living, explore the universe and the mind in my free time, and I am a learning bio-hacker. I also upload to my youtube channel from time to time.

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